Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Headless & Pantyless

Hello Anyone. Anyone?
Anyone at all?
Thankfully I'm used to talking to myself so it doesn't really matter if Anyone isn't here.
It's long been a Dream of Mine to start another blog besides Della Street Dreaming.
Della is a  blog with a mind of its own. I was nearly going to type, 'mind of her own' until I realised that blogs, unlike ships, are essentially genderless. Della likes to take the reader on a rather meandering & at times, mundane journey of  My Life mainly told through My Outfits.
But, hard as it is to believe, there's soo much more to me than My outfits.
There's also My Artwork which I'm desperate to show you.
And that's where Doll Hotel comes in.
Anyway, you may think that starting another blog is a somewhat modest dream & I guess you'd be right.
But then I've never been one to Dream Big.

 So, my plan is to hold a Mini-Exhibition of my Artwork, showcasing a series of thematically linked works with some kind of description attached, in each Blog Entry.
Just like in a Real Gallery.
Oh, yeah, believe when I see it, you might say.
 How are you gonna do this when last year you left it for weeks before you bothered to write an entry for Della? you might add.
I don't blame you.
I wouldn't hold out much hope either.

But let's see how it goes.
You never know, I might surprise you.
Above are a small series of photos I took while experimenting with making the blog header. I did notice with some dismay that the Headless Doll in the first picture is also Pantyless. This unintentional display of nudity was not intended to shock or offend. So I hope you don't take it that way.


  1. The blog header is spectacular! Congrats.

  2. Save me a room. I'll be visiting the Hotel frequently.


  3. I can't wait to see all of your beautiful creations! xox

  4. How colorful! How clever. And after "knowing" you for as long as I have, NOTHING would shock me!